Welcome to Gradeable!

The Future of Grading

Our Goal:

Our goal is to improve student's lives with their gradebook. Making it easier to see your grade and how your grades are trending.

What is Gradeable?

Gradeable is the latest cutting edge software designed with advanced features to make the grading system user friendly. Gradeable combines all of your slow and annoying school related apps into one powerful, sleek UI that you'll love to use.

Why should I use Gradeable?

Tried of constantly switching between Illuminate, StudentVUE/PowerSchool, email, and texts? Gradeable incorporates the most used school apps into one place, freeing up that desperately needed storage, and saving your valuable time. From test scores to grades to communication, Gradeable has your back, all in one place, Gradeable.

How Can I Download Gradeable?

If your school uses StudentVUE or PowerSchool, you can download it from the Google play store, and coming soon from the App Store.

How Can I Contact the Gradeable Team?

The easiest way to contact the Gradeable team is to join our discord: You can also join our discord it's free!

You can also contact the Gradeable team through email: email@gradeable.app

You can also create a support ticket through this site